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Air Flow Saver System

Compressed Air Saver: Rethink the use of compressed air. Air saving of 50-90% possible!

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"We are impressed of the performance of the valve. Since installing the Airflow Saver System, our high-speed 250 parts per minute production machine has operated 24/7 nonstop. We are at 50 million plus cycles. We would have replaced our old valve twice by this time, and we are saving 35% of the compressed air!"

Maintenace Manager Machinery Georgia, USA

"The currently used filling machines and valves are overly complicated. They are built to fill for the higher volumes we have today that didn’t exist in the past. The problem is, because of their complicated set up, we have to shut down the production line every year for three weeks to maintain and change the valves. We have more production interruptions on a regular basis due to the technology not being up able to keep up with the demand. It is time for your valve technology to update the industry. “

Manager Maintenance Filling German Brewery

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