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Compressed air has become a prevalent energy source across various industries due to its simplicity and adaptability. However, this flexibility comes at a substantial cost, as this expensive energy source is often used without much consideration for its efficient utilization. Typically, efforts to optimize compressed air systems have primarily been the responsibility of equipment manufacturers and suppliers, involving technologies such as compressors, minimizing system leaks, and enhancing efficiency through innovative compressed air nozzles and air-knife designs.

We firmly believe that achieving the optimal performance of compressed air systems requires a comprehensive approach. Especially when viewed from the consumer’s standpoint, there exists significant untapped potential for cost reduction through the intelligent management of compressed air resources. Each cubic meter of reclaimed compressed air translates into a 100 percent reduction in associated energy generation costs and leakage losses. This not only leads to substantial reductions in operational expenses and investments in compressed air technology but also simplifies the entire system through downsizing.

Our solution, the Air Flow Saver System, is designed to revolutionize compressed air utilization. It drastically cuts down the volume of compressed air required across a wide range of industrial applications, achieving remarkable reductions of 50-70%, and in some instances, an astounding 90%. Moreover, it enhances the overall effectiveness of these applications by boosting efficiency by over 15% when compared to continuous air flow systems.

The Air flow Saver System consists of its main components, the control system, the valve, the nozzle, optional sensor technology, as well as the connection and assembly elements.

Due to the constructive and functional fine tuning of all components and the pressure/pulse strategy with one another the maximum effect is unfolded and the maximum benefits are generated. The modular system design allows the spatial independent arrangement of the individual components and thus the variable adaptation and integration in almost any assembly situation.

 Design Features Include:

  • Adaptable to almost all operating conditions
  • High throughput with minimal reaction times (<1ms)
  • Wide range of applications due to four performance classes (flow rate)
  • Pressure differences between 1 and 10 bar (higher pressure ranges available upon request)
  • Pulse frequencies from 1-3000 Hz., dynamically variable (pulse width modulation)
  • Long service life (friction and wear minimized)
  • Low maintenance design (hardly moving parts, no lubrication)

Suitable for Diverse Conditions:

  1. Holistic system solution with configurable functions and scope of delivery

  2. Maximum system performance due to finely tuned mode of operation of the individual components

  3. Simple, distributed installation of the components, taking into account spatial conditions

  4. Operation as a stand-alone or integrated system

  5. System scalable in throughput and pulse via number and size of valve(s)

  6. Operating mode can be set and changed via variable parameters in the system controller

  7. Communication with the system via intuitive software (USB interface) or CAN bus

Check out our PHIR Videos Page to see how our pulse strategy maximizes your compressed air!

Suitable For a Variety of Applications:
• Blasting/Blowing off
• Drying
• Degreasing
• Cleaning 
• Dedusting

Of almost any surfaces and materials such as:

• Material handling
• Level control
• Fumigation
• Vacuum generation

Advantages of the Air Flow Saver System:

  • Reduced compressed air consumption (depending on the application from 60% up to 95%, proven in real applications).
  • Reduced overall energy consumption and correspondingly reduced CO2 emissions of the company
  • Improved process quality due to pulse effect (pulsed jet is approx. 15-20% more powerful than a continuous jet)
  • Down-scaling of the compressed air system and avoidance of unnecessary investments
  • Reduced costs of the plant for operation, maintenance and repair
  • Long solenoid valve life reduces maintenance and repair costs
    Increased plant availability due to high reliability and low risk of failure

Design Benefits:

  1. Fast opening and closing

  2. Precise repetition

  3. High switching frequency

  4. Long service life

  5. Application only when required

  6. Pulsating jet instead of continuous blowing

  7. Avoidance of “wasted” compressed air

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