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Case Studies at PHIR Technologies

Partial Drying of Drink Packs Before Printing


  • Large Chinese food producer
  • Filling of beverages + dairy products on
    numerous production lines
  • Operates 30 fast (8 packs /sec.) and 50
    slow (3 packs /sec.) production lines at
    one site


  • Cold filling of beverages in drinking cartons leads to
    condensation on the surface
  • Partial drying of the surface before printing the
    expiration date
  • Transport of the cartons with distance, speed depending on the performance of the filling machines

Optimized Approach 

  • Limiting the air flow to the presence of a drinking
    carton sensor detection
  • Limitation to pressure area offset to sensor signal
  • Focusing of the air jet by flat jet nozzle

Improvements Achieved

  • Savings potential depends on speed
  • Annual savings: 166,400 m3 per slow line ; 112,320
    m3 per fast line
  • Reduction of energy costs by EUR 120,000 p.a.
    across all lines
  • Successfully running for three years 

Removal of Adhesions After Bottle Cleaning


  • Branch of an internationally active
    beverage producer
  • Reducing energy costs and increasing
    sustainability as a corporate objective


  • Blowing off remaining adhesions from the surface
    after bottle cleaning
  • Transport of the bottles without interspace
  • Vertical blowing downwards on both sides
  • Replacement of two open hoses as original solution

Optimization Approach

  • Reduction of compressed air consumption by pulsed
    compressed air jet , defined frequency (min. 15
  • Further reduction of consumption due to higher impulse effect of the pulsed jet
  • Branching of the compressed air jet to two flat nozzles

Improvements Achieved

  • Reduced compressed air consumption from 130m3/h to 32m3/h
  • Annual energy cost reduction of approx . EUR 4,000 at
    ~EUR 0.02 per m3 compressed air

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