The High-Speed Precision Dosing System

Read about our High-Speed Precision Dosing System

Today’s commonly used production equipment comes at a high cost and is primarily designed for large production batches with limited product variations. This lack of flexibility results in reduced utilization rates, significant idle capacities, and extended cleaning and changeover times.

Introducing our Dosing System – a game-changer for your product and production processes. This innovative solution completely transforms your approach by allowing for the separate filling of flavor and base drink components, replacing the traditional large batch production method. It achieves a remarkable output rate, with fast-switching Smart Valves capable of delivering up to 3,000 shots per minute, all while accommodating flexible volume requirements.

Our Dosing Technology offers several advantages, including minimal maintenance needs (thanks to low friction and reduced mechanical stress) and exceptional energy efficiency (no need for pneumatic systems). Furthermore, this precision dosing system is heat-resistant, non-corrosive, optimized for space, and compatible with a wide range of containers, including bottles, cans, cups, cartons, and more.

Our Dosing System is customizable to your product needs. 

Design options available:

  • Integrated or Stand Alone
  • Retrofit solutions for existing filling lines
  • Fixed or mobile
  • Linear or circular conveyors (e.g. transfer starwheel)
  • Autonomous operation or integration into line controls
  • Dosing volume scalable via number of valves per valve station
  • Complex recipes (multiple ingredients) via multiple media containers or modules
  • Personalization (recipe change) of each bottle possible

Check out our PHIR Videos Page to see different examples of our High-Speed Dosing System!

Dosing Suitable for a Variety of Applications:

  • Different types of flavors
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Beer
    • Hard seltzers
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages
    • Near-water drinks
    • Pulp-free juices
    • Energy drinks
    • Coffee
  • CBD & THC 
    • Delta 8 & 9
  • All viscous liquids (particle free)

Advantages of our High-Speed Dosing Process:

  • Frequent product changes possible with significantly reduced cleaning effort
  • Avoidance of flavor & aroma carryover
  • Optimized planning and plant utilization
  • Enabling technology for:
    • Efficient production of small batches (e.g. contract bottlers)
    • Fast product changeovers between flavor variants
    • Expansion of the product portfolio with low investment risk
    • New business models with high degree of personalization (e.g. bottling on demand)

Design Benefits:

  1. Max. 0,9ml in 10ms per valve (scalable through number / size of valves)
  2. 90.000 shots / h
  3. Accuracy >98%
  4. All types of containers
  5. CIP / SIP-ready

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