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Smart Valve Technology

We have redefined the terms »fast, durable, and precise« for valves: Smart Valve Technology.  The solution for all valves dealing with gaseous media, liquid media, liquid food, and applications with high pressure differential.             

High-Speed Precision Dosing System

Revolutionizing modern filling technology, our Dosing Technology is the answer for a highly durable and adaptable liquid-to-liquid dosing appliance. Perfect for: food and beverage manufacturers, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and more.        

Air Flow Saver System

Rethink the use of compressed air! Our Air Flow Saver System will bring more efficiency and less cost to all of your compressed air needs.  Nearly 70% of all industrial compressed air applications can become more efficient with the Air Flow Saver System. 

Our PHIR Products are innovative, competitive and top quality. We provide products that revolutionize the possibilities.

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