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Current market trends for valves show low durability and high turnover, resulting in a low cost-benefit ratio. As a solution, Smart Valves offer quality, precision, reliability, and durability, making them suitable for almost any application.

Needle, spring & spindle are valve components from the past. There is a strong need for ultra-fast, reliable and durable control valves. These valves must be able to either open/close at variable high frequencies or react on specific trigger events. Since the valve only uses a ball to control the flow, maintenance costs and the risk of failure are extremely low. We’ve developed a valve that controls flow through a ball, the effect being that the magnetic field needs less power to control the flow. This innovation in combination with the existing characteristics of our high-speed switching valve opens up completely new possibilities for valves.

Our valves can be used for four different valve applications gaseous media, liquid media, liquid food, and applications with high pressure differential.

Innovating Design 

  • Low-wear
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • One moving part (ball)
  • No tiring reset elements
  • Valve is open without pressure difference
  • Medium flows around ball
  • Pressure differential closes valve
  • Magnetic field pulls ball off seat
  • Excellent sealing via polished ball/seat pairings (stainless steel)

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Gaseous Media

  • Blowing Off / Cleaning / Drying / Rinsing / Atmosphere Regulatioin
    • Drying and aerating surfaces
    • Cleaning and cooling surfaces (via air, water, emulsion)
    • Washing parts (e.g bottles)
    • Temperature and pressure control (e.g. precise atmosphere replacement)

Liquid Media (Hot or Cold)

  • Dosing / Filling / Mixing
    • Filling/bottling of liquid media
    • High-speed dosing (small and very small volumes)
    • Fine dosing (such as for pharmacological applications)
    • Dosing of special media (adhesives, surface treatment, pesticides, carbonic acid, nitrogen, aggressive media, PU foam, pharmacological and more)
    • In-process dosing for chemical processes

Liquid Food

  • Process automation
    • Adjusting, modulating, and sorting parts
    • Accelerating and conveying components
    • Hydraulics/pneumatics

High Pressure Differential 

  • Injection / Safety Technology
    • Water injection for improving engine efficiency
    • Injection of hydrogen or natural gas in gas combustion engines
    • Brake system optimization (ABS)
    • Position compensation systems
    • Driving stability/safety systems

Not Off the Shelf

In addition to our standard products, we develop customized valve systems based on our Smart Valve technology and thus realize completely new applications or significantly increase the efficiency of the existing. When customers cannot find satisfactory solutions for their issues on the market, we are there. With these systems, we reduce emissions and pesticides, for example, or make future technologies safer and more efficient.

Redefining the Borders of What is Possible

With a series of application examples, PHIR demonstrates its expertise in the development of solenoid valves, which meet the requirements for the highest quality and performance:

  • Water injection system for ICE
  • Smart Spray systems to control weeds in agriculture
  • Injection system for gas engines ( hydrogen )
  • Special Valves for high temperature app´s (+ 450 degree celsius)
  • Cryo-Valve system for dosing nitrogen ( -200 degree celsius)
  • Dosing valves for chemicals for the production of polyurethane
  • Bidirectional valve for oscillating piston motor
  • Cold gas control nozzles for satellites
  • High pressure valves ( 100 to 1,000 bar )
  • Microdosing to mass flow valves
  • Gas volume control in the free-piston linear generator
  • Flow control for helicopter rotor blades

A Lot is Possible

Within the scope of the extraordinary capabilities of our Smart Valve technology, many things are feasible. These include in particular the advantages of pulsation, flexibility in dosing width, temperature resistance ( cold and warm ), high pressure variance and corrosion resistance as well as durability and low maintenance. Combined with unique electronics, our solenoid valves show new ways in fluid technology, regardless of whether for gases or liquid media.


Our valves make new applications possible, increasing efficiency and reducing costs in the production process.

Advantages Include:

  • Less Complexity
  • Flexibility
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Long Service Life

KTW Realtime Valves encompass unique capabilities:

  1. One valve – many applications
    for gases, liquids, high/low temp., aggressive media, no corrosion

  2. Large dosing volume range
    1 ml/min – 10 l/min, adjustable by pulsation

  3. High switching speed
    Reaction time (<1 ms) and switching cycle (~1.5 – 2ms)

  4. High repeatability
    Deviations <5.0%, optimization possible

  5. Wide pressure range
    Pressure differences between 0.5 and 1,000 bar switchable

  6. High switching frequencies
    up to 1,000 Hz. media-dependent, quasi-proportionality

  7. Long service life
    Low-wear, maintenance-friendly design, switching cycles > 5 billion possible

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