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Smart Valve Assembly

In just 6 minutes our Smart Valve can be assembled and disassembled, meaning shorter downtime and easier cleaning processes!

Air Flow Saver Pulsing Technology

Air pulsing allows for 15-20% more power while using up less compressed air.  See how much power there is through pulsating with our smart valves.

See our Air Flow Saver in action on a Tetra Pack High Speed Line. 14 Tetra Packs are running per second along the blow off station to dry the Tetra Packs before printing the use-by-date. Our Air Flow Saver reduced the amount of compressed air from 30.7 m3/h to 15.9 m3/h.


High-Speed Dosing System

Our high-speed dosing system can run as fast as 2,000 cpm and has the ability to individually dose flavor removing the large batch production approach.  

Using a sensor, you can see even with randomized spacing our Smart Valve Technology doses a consistent reliable product with a margin error of ≤ 2%.

Here is an example of a beverage can with a low impact nozzle (5ms Aroma Jet).  We 3D print our nozzles to adjust the accuracy of dosing.  We can develop different heads for different types of liquids, or if your dosing into a can with the base liquid in it or before the base liquid is in it.  

Unique Dosing

Thinking about making Delta 8 seltzers?  Microdosing or dosing liquids as thick as oil? Smart Valves can dose as low as .01ml and liquids as thick as oil! 

Liquid Nitrogen

LN2 can be used for many different applications.  For this example you can see LN2 being used for nuts in plastic containers.  

Liquid Nitrogen is becoming very popular in the beverage industry.  See how fast LN2 is dosed into water bottles.      

Thinking of Making Nitrogen Beer?

Checkout how it works!

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