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Observe below how each of our products function and learn different examples of how they're being used!

High-Speed Precision Dosing System

Video 1: You can see an example of a 2x 0,7 ml in 15ms with no splashing and no foaming.

In Video 2:& 3: Here are examples of a beverage cans with low impact nozzles (5ms Aroma Jet). 

In Video 4:  Many factors play an important role in the dosage of cooking oil: temperature, viscosity, pressure and, of course, valve and nozzle.  Here we are dosing cooking oil, 100 ml in 500ms.  

Air Flow Saver System

Video 4 & 5: Air pulsing allows for 15-20% more power while using up less compressed air.  See how much power there is through pulsating with our smart valves. 

Video 6: AirFlowSaver in action in Tetra Pack High Speed Lines. 14 Tetra Packs are running per second along the blow off station to dry the Tetra Packs before printing the use-by-date. Our AirFlowSaver reduce the amount of compressed air from 30,7 m3/h to 15,9 m3/h.

Assembly of the KTW Realtime Valves

Video 7: Check out how our dosing valve is easily assembled and dismantled, for more efficiency in filling and dosing! 

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